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You should totally sell our gear in your store; your customers will love it!  What’s cool too is that if we hook up this wholesale thing, you get discounted pricing because you buy in bulk. 


We designed all of the gear you see on the site with our own custom color combinations.  If you want to do a wholesale order, we can customize it for you so if you want certain team colors or if you just like certain color combinations, we can do all of that for you.  If we do something custom, we’ll have to have it made from scratch so it may take a little more time. 


You should also know that we don’t have a huge inventory (for all kinds of reasons that we’ve learned about) so if you do a giant order, we may have to have it made for you.  Depending upon what you want, it can be pretty quick. 


If you want to learn more about selling our gear – let us know!  The best way to get information on minimum orders, pricing, and estimated delivery times is to email


Thanks for considering this; we would love the opportunity to see our brand in your store!

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