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To be considered for publication in the "Sport Inspired Content" section of this website, please submit your content using the Submission Form below.  We are open to all types of content; here are some general guidelines:


  • Articles on current sporting events – any sport, any level

  • Articles about athletes – any sport, any level

  • Awesome sports photography

  • Any kind of sport related artwork – images of drawings and paintings, graphic/digital art, etc.


We want to publish what you submit to us!  The things we’ll be looking for are:     

  1. it’s gotta be sports related,

  2. we want your very best effort – you know what this is – we’re looking for quality work and,

  3. it must be a fit and work with the inspiration of sport theme we’re trying hard to achieve with our effort here. 


It shouldn’t take us too long to look at what you submit and get back to you.  We do have busy schedules and we’ll do our best to be quick.  If you are under 13 years old, unfortunately, you cannot submit your work for publication consideration until you are.   

Directions on how to Submit Content


The Submission Form below is super simple; not much to it.  One helpful hint; when you click “Add files” you will select a file from your computer and then you will need to hit the “Upload file” button that will pop up next to the “Add files” button to actually get the file into the form.  That “Upload file” button is not visible in the form below until you actually add a file with the “Add files” button.  It’s easy, you’ll see what we mean when you actually add a file.  After that, simply hit the “Submit Content for Publication Consideration” button at the bottom to get the file to us for review.

Submission Form
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