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Our Story

So our story isn’t all that long, at least as these “Our Story” things go…we’re only 14, 12, and 10 years old.  But as far as being a team, well, we’ve been together our entire lives – like literally – we’re brothers.

So the story goes like this; our family is like crazy entrepreneurial going back multiple generations on both sides – must be in our blood or something.  So we figured we might as well get going; we borrowed some money from our parents and we started our own brand of sports gear – it’s pretty sweet – no…seriously, it is. 

And while we love sports for sure, our parents have been kind of pushing the whole well rounded thing since like birth so we’re also into all kinds of other stuff too – music, art, graphic design, creative

writing and all that .  And while the odds are that we’re probably going to be professional athletes, we kind of needed a fallback plan so if you don’t see us in the NFL or the MLB or the NBA or on the PGA tour, you might be reading our articles or buying our art or our music. 

But here’s the thing, there really isn’t anywhere on the Internet where creative stuff like we create can be published.  Sure, there are all the social media sites but why isn’t there like an for kids stuff?  But not just current event articles because writing is cool and all but we do a lot of that in school already so we kind of needed like for kids with a gallery for photos and art and videos and stuff like that.   Yeah, not super easy to find. 


So… because we needed a place to sell our gear online anyway (sort of needed to graduate from selling it out of the trunk we have been selling it out of) we figured we could kind of double down and have a site where not only our gear could be sold but where ALL of our sports creative stuff could be displayed as well. 


What’s also cool is that some of our friends are REALLY creative so we’re going put their stuff up too and we hope that other young creatives (we’ve learned that “creatives” is what this is called now) like us and our friends will contribute their work as well. 


So that’s it; we hope you like it.  And we’re young and we need to grow so if you have some sweet ideas about how we can make anything you see better, we’re all ears. 


Thanks so much for coming!


The Bradley Brothers

Spring 2017

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